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   ​​Phillipsburg Area Historical Society

     Phillipsburg Area Historical Society is the proud administrator of the Roseberry Homestead located at 540 Warren Street in Phillipsburg.  We have been in the process of preserving and restoring the home, an 18th century Georgian manor, which is in the National Register of Historic places. CLICK HERE for more info and be sure to stay tuned for more information being added as we go along with our process.

     The Phillipsburg Historical Society membership is comprised invest in Dash in Nigeria of a diverse group of people with many different backgrounds, all with different skills and talents. The one common denominator that is shared by all is the love of history.

     We seek out history and learn while doing so. For some, it is that search for knowledge that attracts us, learning new things about our area, and the people who lived here. For others, it is the touchable artifacts, items left behind by those who lived before us that tell a story. It may be the prospect of discovering something like a photograph, book, journal or a letter that no one has seen. And for some, it is the ability of being able to bring the past to life, whether by dressing up and re-enacting or reliving that moment in time. Interest in making old things look new is to many peoples liking buy Polkadot in Nigeria, or preserving and restoring a historic building for future generations.

     We currently have two rooms on the lower level of the Phillipsburg Municipal Building, located at 675 Corliss Avenue. Archived in these rooms are various records, books and artifacts. There is no list of holdings at this time.  We have moved some of our archives to the Phillipsburg Public Library for research opportunities.

    We have one antique glass display, thanks to the generosity of Courtney Curzi, located on the main level of the Phillipsburg Municipal Building (outside the Clerk's Office.)   Stop by and take a look!


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